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I inspire, empower, and mentor individuals how to tap into their unlimited potential so they can accomplish anything. I teach them (through a step-by-step process) how to squash old beliefs and habits, push beyond comfort zones, and achieve their goals. I specialize in assisting women regain their confidence and self-esteem to transform their lives following divorce and domestic abuse.








I have walked rocky paths.

I have encountered many storms.

I may have even experienced what you are feeling.

I grew up in a large family. To say our family was dysfunctional is an understatement. Many outsiders were fooled by the masks we wore, believing life was better than reality. (For the most part) I held my stuff together and made do with the circumstances. Ashamed and embarrassed by how I felt behind the mask, I found ways to numb the pain. You know what I’m talking about, right?



People pleasing.

A to-do list longer than the day is long.

Putting on a “happy face” when you felt like curling into a ball and crying.

Using the noise of music, the television, or people to drown out internal thoughts.

Turning to food for comfort (even when you are not hungry).

Loss of appetite.

Superficial friendships and relationships.

Over exercising.

Going through the motions, hoping some day it will get better.

None of above habits break the cycle and change the circumstance. Frustration and resentment set in. Little things set you off. Something feels off. You feel blah. You keep your mouth shut to avoid conflict. You feel depressed, lonely, not good enough, and unloved which results in repeating the cycle again in hopes of a different result. Lather, rinse, repeat.

It’s stressful and (physically and emotionally) draining. I am speaking from personal experience. For nearly two decades, this was my journey.

It’s easy to accept hurtful experiences as “evidence” that supports the belief you are not good enough and unloved.

Allowing fear to influence and sway your decisions puts you back on the hamster wheel of repetitive, unproductive habits.

There are old habits and beliefs that lay dormant in the unused parts of your mind, waiting for challenging times to arise. When life happens (as it always does!) and things get tough, the past has a way of enticing the mind to revert back to old habits instead of pushing through and doing something that you’ve never done.

What if you don’t do it right? What if people think you are trying to be better than them? What if the unknown is too scary since you can’t plan for the unexpected? What if you accomplish your dreams but lose relationships along the way?

We will step beyond the “what ifs” and practice being courageous in knowing the present (and future) can be whatever you want it to be. I do this by clarifying what you’d like to experience then guide you through a step-by-step process to make it happen. I empower you as you tap into your inner strength and keep you accountable as you move towards living a life full of the confidence, independence, and health you envision.

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