It is incredibly rewarding to assist women reclaim their confidence and power. It’s similar to a butterfly breaking through it’s chrysalis. Seeing women regain their confidence and spark in life is the gift that keeps giving. When women are confident in who they are and stand into their strength, the ripple effect is widespread upon the men, women, children, families, friends, and community in their circle.

For most of my life I saw women play the role of wife and mother, giving to others while often times neglecting themselves.

– Putting their husband’s wants and desires first.
– Taking care of the children’s needs while suppressing their own.
– Serving neighbors and community from a depleted bucket (isn’t that what “Godly women” are *supposed* to do? The answer is no!)

Lather, wash, repeat. Repeat for weeks, months, or years.

Fast forward to where I am today. I was idle for many years. It took a leap of faith and overcoming personal doubt and fear to get to this current space.

I was at rock bottom, emotionally and spiritually. I was part of physical and emotional abuse and stayed stuck in codependency. (“If I do, serve, give, {fill in the blank of what else you could possible think of}….. THEN people would see my value and treat me better.”) My confidence was shaky.

My world crumbled when I learned my (then) husband was cheating and lying about it to my face. I felt betrayed, broken, and not good enough. I had put my dreams on the back burner to invest in being a full-time wife and mother. I was devastated!

I now utilize my experiences, mess, and life lessons as an opportunity to teach women how to learn new habits and mental shifts to change their circumstances. I help women navigate through life’s rubble following divorce. I bridge the gap between what they have and where they want to be. Together we explore their purpose and remove personal obstacles that hold them back from achieving the feeling of being alive and unstoppable. I also teach women how to practice validating and loving themselves without the need to turn externally.

I understand, I have been there. I was stuck for a long time. At the time I believed praying and giving it more time would be the cure. While prayer is great, it is not an excuse to sit back and wait and lie idle. You don’t have to stay stuck there, watching a mediocre life pass by and keep hoping it’d get better.

What do you want your experience to be? If you’re a woman wanting to UpLevel your life, contact us and let’s see what we can create.

You are so worth it!
UpLevel your mind to UpLevel your life