The in’s and out’s of coaching

UpLevel coaching offers coaching services available as individual one-on-one, group mastermind, as well as self-paced courses. We specialize in assisting women overcoming divorce and domestic abuse. UpLevel Coaching teaches from a place of experience which many individuals value as more insightful than a coach who gained their knowledge merely by reading a book.



What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who acts as a sounding board for an individual, identifies roadblocks and any old beliefs that stand in the way, and helps create solutions to assist an individual to obstacles.


How can a life coach help me?

Think of the last time you dreamed of something you’d like to have or experience. Perhaps you’ve said to yourself something along the lines of, “Some day I will……..”:

  • Have enough money to pay off credit cards
  • Get healthy and work out
  • Quit the job I hate and follow my dreams
  • Live in a bigger house
  • Buy my dream car
  • Take that vacation I keep talking about
  • Stop smoking
  • Get more organized

Or perhaps you’d like to grow in internal areas and changes that involve:

  • Overcoming fears
  • Improve the quality and connection within your relationships
  • Living a life that feels true to you
  • Feeling better about myself
  • Stop caring so much about how others might perceive me
  • Standing up for myself instead of a doormat
  • Being more patient with my family and friend

Commonly what happens after setting goals is that life shows up; changes occur in family dynamics, relocation, unforeseen financial emergencies, overwhelming stress takes a toll on your health, self-doubt and fears set in …… yes, LIFE happens! Suddenly your time, money, and energy are immediately diverted from your goals to what’s in front of you.

This is where coaching come into play. With UpLevel Coaching you get clear on what you want, why you want it, and learn step-by-step exercises that teach you how to make it happen. When you are crystal clear on the whats, whys, whens, and hows, your goal quickly become a non-negotiable.

Coaching helps tap into your unlimited power internally and voice of truth that perhaps you’ve gotten too comfortable suppressing (or straight out ignoring). Coaching also provides positive, objective, structured support which can be the difference between achieving your goals or staying discouraged and stuck in a same rut cycle. Coaching assists you in creating specific, measurable goals and making a nuts and bolts action plan so the fire in staying consistent stays lit until your goals are met. It’s no longer about “if” you can achieve it, it’s about “how” you’re going to make it happen.

How do I know if a life coach would benefit me?

Coaching is recommended for individuals who are serious about UpLeveling their life and are committed to actively working towards their goals. If there’s a sizeable gap between what you have and where you want to be, there is room for coaching. Investing in a life coach is a good option when:

  • You want more
  • You want to grow
  • You want to get results, faster

If wanting more, expanding beyond your comfort zone, and saving time are important to you, consider investing in yourself by working with a coach. If you’d like to get you there, and get there faster, contact us to see which coaching package is best for you.

It’s easy to accept hurtful experiences as “evidence” that supports the belief you are not good enough and unloved.

Allowing fear to influence and sway your decisions puts you back on the hamster wheel of repetitive, unproductive habits.